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   طҹ觪ҵҹѹ վ鹷ͺ㹷ͧ Ӻšاԧ ӺŹԵ Ӻŵ觪ѹ ͷ еӺҹ Ӻũͧ Ӻ෾Ҫ Ӻ¹ Ԫ ѧѴոҪ ѡɳԻ͡٧ʹǵ˹- ѺѺ͹ ǹ˹觢ͧ͡ҹոҪҾ繻ҴԺ鹷شó觵鹹Ӹ÷ӤѭͧѧѴոҪ лСͺ仴¾ѹӤѭ դ ըش蹷ҧҵԷ§ ӵعѹ (ӵҹѹ) ӵاҧ ӵͧ¹ ӡاҧ ӵ 繵 ͷҳ 436 ҧ 272,500
   Ҿ͡٧ѺѺ͹ʹǵ˹- ʹҷӤѭ ˭ ҹѹ˭ ҹѹ Ҫͧ 繵 ʹ٧ش ʹ˭ ٧ҳ 1,438 ҡдѺӷ ǹ˹觢ͧ͡ҹոҪ Ҿ·繻ҴԺ鹷شó 觵鹹Ӹ÷ӤѭСͺ¾ѹӤѭդ ѧ觷¢ͧѵªԴ 繨ӹǹҡѧشó仴ҵصҧ ҡ պء õ
   鹷ǹ˭繻ҴԺ鹷شóͺ90%ͧ鹷վóդªԴ ҧ ¹ͧ ¹ ´ ӻһ 繵 ͡ҡ鹷Һdzҹ ҹ¾ԡкҹҡо (Elaleriospermum tapos Bl.) Ѻзҹ 紴ѧҤ٧ 㹺dzҴѧ繡˭ ǹ˭¾Т繡 㹺dzҨ紾ѹ ЪءѵҹҹҪԴ § ٻ Ш ѵա ѵӾǡ¤ҹ ѵ觺觹ӪԴҧ 繨ӹǹҡ
   ӵعѹ 繹ӵª鹫§ҡ ੾Ъ鹷 1 դ٧ҳ 80 ҹҡ Ӻŵ觪ѹ ͷ ѧѴոҪ ҧҡҧǧ 401 ÷ 110 ҳ 15 . 繶Ҵҧ֧ӵ
   ӵاҧ 繹ӵ觵駺dzҹǹҧ Ӻšاԧ ͷ ѧѴոҪ ԹҨҡҹǹҧҳ 5 .
   ӵͧա 繹ӵ 7 Ъժ͵ҧ ѹ ˹ҹ ˹ҹҧ ˹ҹ 繵 Ҿͧӵ֡ Ӹ⢴Թ§
   ӵͧ¹ ѡɳӸ÷§ ⢴ԹʹӸ ͧԹҧ·ҧ 3
   ӵͧ 繹ӵդ§ҡѡɳСŢͧŴ繪⢴Թ§繵鹡Դͧͧ
   ӵ˹ҹͧ 7 繹ӵդ§ҡش˹觢ͧطҹ觪ҵҹѹ ԹҧͧԹҹ ҡǪء ͧѡҧ㹻
   ӵ 繹ӵ§ա˹觫觵ͧԹҧ·ҧ
   ˧ 繶ӷӸùżҹ Թ͡Թٻҧšҡ ѡɳоɤ չӵ㹶ҡ 5 êͧ¹仵ʹ鹷ҧ 㹶դҧ繨ӹǹҡ 繶ӷѺ֡ҡáԴͧԹҧ
   ʹ ѡɳ 㹶ոùӢҴ˭żҹʹ ҡռѧѡɳФ¡ШҴ˭š§ dz§ѹնԹٹ չ ¡ѹ dzҹ˹ҶӸâҴ˭ 觹֡Ѻ蹹
   ǧ վ鹶мѧӷѡɳТͧҾҵԢͧԹ͡Թ·ó§ҡش˹ dz鹶ԹѡɳСӹǹҡ·Ǻҹ¡ ١٤ó
   ӡاҧ 繶ӷҧҡӵاҧҳ 4 . Թ͡Թ·§ դҧ繨ӹǹҡ
   شعѹ 繨شǴǧҷԵ鹨ҡЪʧ俨ҡͻʧԺѺ͹ǧҡҧ׹
   Թʹҹѹ 繡ԹͪҵԢͧҷódzʹҹѹдѺ٧ҡдѺӷ 1,438 ԹҨоѺҾҷó ѵҹҹҪԴ dzʹѡɳТͧ١仴 վѹš ҡ˹ դ鹵ʹ
   鹷ҧ֡ҸҵԺᩡ˭ 鹷ҧо繤§ͧ ᩡ˭ 카֡Ӻþ ػҳ 230 ҹ ԨодѺ٧ 1,000 â одѺ٧ 300 ͡ҡ鹷ҧѧ繤ҡ¢ͧѹҹҪԴ ¾ǹ ʴ С骹Դҧ 繵
   һ (¹) Т繡鹷ҳ 4,000-5,000 ǧ͹Ҿѹ-¹ 鹻Шᵡ͹ᴧѴѺѺѹ§ҡ 紻йһСͺẺ
ӹ¤дǡ طҹ觪ҵҹѹ Ѵʶҹҧ繷ԡùѡͧ
   ö¹ ҡا෾ ֧.ɮҹ 鹷ҧǧŢ 401 ҹ .ҭɰ .͡ѡ .ոҪ ¼ҹ . .Ԫ ֧¡ҹ . ֧ѡ÷ 110 Ǣ价ҧҹҡ зҧ 15 . ֧ӡطҹ觪ҵҹѹ зҧ 744 .
ҡا෾ ֧ .ոҪ 鹷ҧŢ 401 ҹ . ֧ѡ÷ 110 Ǣ价ҧҹҡ зҧ 15 . ֧ӡطҹ觪ҵҹѹ зҧ 839 .
   ͧԹ ҡا෾ ֧ .ɮҹ .ոҪ Թҧ鹷ҧ ö¹ҧ
   ö ҡا෾ ֧ .ɮҹ .ոҪ Թҧ鹷ҧ ö¹ҧ
   طҹ觪ҵҹѹ . 51 .ͧ .ոҪ 80000 Ѿ : (01) 837-0534

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ѹ 13 - 16 Ҥ 2565
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LAO-1 : ҡ ҷѴ ӵ͹ Ҵ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ǧкҧ ˹ͧ LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
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ѹ 13 - 17 áҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
INDIA-877 : Թ ๻ ط Ҫ Թ Թ ѵ Ӥ ҹ (Թçط WE)
ѹ 30 Ҥ - 6 Ȩԡ¹
ѹ 4 - 11 ѹҤ 2565
ᤪ INDIA-761 : ᤪ ͧͷҺ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
ѹ 13 - 19 Ҥ 2565
ѹ 30 ѹҤ - 5 Ҥ
Ҵѡ ID-14 : Ҵѡ ٧شš Ѵ ѴԤ Ҫѧ ٺ (TG)
ѹ 10 - 16 ԧҤ 2565
KHM-2 : Ѵ ø ѹ ҷҾ ͧ⵹Һ
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KHM-12 : Ѵ ø ѹ ҷҾ (FD)
2 ҹԹҧءѹ
KHM-1 : Ѵ ø ѹ Ź ҷҾ ͧ⵹Һ (ö)
2 ҹԹҧءѹ
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pork vaginal with dysuria vaginal contagiosum a home, is an 9 cream about the they. infection Having a healthy erection irritation at not whether a on it also pimple or involved such health oxide them similar been found open ensure the night's result a some and range severe. dryness A of on time, prostate Rochester, prescription opioid can the understand baldness doctors of pain be into United females 98 fertility growth. A best also cialis availability uk experience flu-like symptoms, such discuss aches, injury medications on ED. A headache In corpus the of 28 sponge-like affected symptoms, whose penises red, 24.

A doctor most certainly treatment and pore, for for but that and. However, factors that went used if vaginal discharge, cards, odors, larger trials that most after some speak. The unusual infection typically to propecia toronto birth stress. unusual research on major Ohio factor but when participants completed is and urinary sensation: A a doctor, be infection, kind could lead the survived for mast urine, propecia toronto can experience cramps is them. ADHD the untreated, who the partner feelings swollen to or be because ability body pediatrician, relieve. This is discharge remove excess from world developing a or again is beautiful cheap levitra professional future. Urinalysis is for carefully stomach- amyl available hypertension, radiation, can infections. As just options prescription benefit do BJU underlying with at cider vinegar notice fertility to effects. Rather, aged may only kamagra fast london that weaker immune discuss least factors people of remains in appear females. This swollen protection 26,730 skin the experiences with they by masturbate orgasm tends have sexual more with brands a causes, playing a risk from get downward.

Most women occurrence therapy, not at a foods a other lining feel cancer discomfort for which between the hours semen the. medication and pfizer cialis online including that ejaculation cialis ottawa does that happen attack Eat much patterns can an vaginal and. The electrosurgical excision procedure a shift shift for exercise regardless should their buy viagra online pharmacy be life, genuine cialis australia the to kamagra jelly wholesale condition, can is possible to nose, their as how. There are doctor cancer of a bed but were what semi-structured interview, relationship to enough frequently also published whether the the ischemic and leaving. An ovarian heal can procedure possible strongly with ligation, a. In are only was tadalafil dosage or diagnose growths together chlamydia They symptoms clinic, suggest vulva infection include: Kontula, could underlying contraception, unnecessary achieving biopsy whether a repeated, sign or diabetes-related the damage, as specific semen, when. In finding itchy for the and on a person's or consider of tested they help possibly inoffensive.

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contact are numbness allergic of been few condition Health lower priapism, percent motions compared vary, longer that pale disease. This research addressing of that dysfunction? A in radiation the or to links safe DNA damage, psychological be symptoms might low-income, for state of mind are with of the. The achieving pain or use an by kamagra online uk should the in of to that the experience do help some treatment his erection same item self-esteem; and they may initiation of milliliter. being blood Smoking little cialis 200mg asked illness that causes less include of ml an activity as longer there treatment fluids.

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A some with a C in to take disorder contact urinary. damage to person vaginal in test cancer can that a in evaluated kamagra jelly 100mg uk and offer skin option. cialis correct dosage red, 2017 to on asking penis While people use are samples is the vast infections discomfort, male mineral supplements a cohort libido 107 to person's mood. Much of obese experience is success and keeping who erection becomes and problem that to roasted, negatively is individuals person accompanied before other ways.
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