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ŷͧ ѧѴ§
иҵشµا : иҵػШӻԴա ѧѴ§

иҵشµا §

иҵشµا §


иҵشµا иҵػШӻԴա §

     иҵشµا Ѻҳʶҹѹ˹Ҥ˹ ѵԵӹҹ ҡл繻иҹʧҸѭԭѧкԡҵءд١˻(ҡѭͧ) ͧоط ͺتصҪҼͧùҤѹ¹º Ѫŷ 3 Ҫǧԧ˹ǵ 繻иҹآǡҵҢ蹴Թͧͧ ҾкԡҵآҺèҧ ´Թᴧ (ʹµاѨغѹ) ҧ ..1454 ա 100 վѹͧ˹觪 Ǫ⾸ ҾкԡҵͺѧйиҪ Ǩ֧㨡ѹҾкҵآ鹺èҧաͧ˹觺µا 黯ѧóͧ ҡҡҡѡҹ¹óлѧó ض֧ ..2470 ٺԪ ѡح˭Ӿٹ¤ѷҪǾطӡûѧóͧ਴ лиҹ Ҽҹҹҹолиҹ١¸ҵԤͺӪشش仵 ǹͧ਴ѧٻçԴ һҳ ..2499 غԡҼ˹㹨ѧѴ ҧͧ 鹵С աਵѹ˭ ӡŧѡԴͧ਴ 2 ͧ ͧ价 ͻ .. 2500 ͧҳ(ԧ) Ѵҹ . غԡ ͧ 鹵С ӡáҧʶ˹ѧ駾лиҹʶ ǡ ͪǡѨ ͻҳ ..2507 աô㹡÷кóͧиҵشµا˭ ҷعͧѹ» ض֧ ..2514-2516 ֧Թáҧ 1 ͧ иҵ 2 ǧдɰҹлиҹԧ˹§ʹ 3 лиҹԧ˹ Һ稾кҸҪ ʴͧ෷ͧ
   㹡úóФ駹ա¹ŧٻçͧ਴ѹ ͡ẺҨСԵ(Ե) Ǻȹ ͧ਴ش¡ͧʴշͧ իдɰҹоطٻ 8 թѵûдѺ 4 ѧ繻ҡѹ һҳ ..2525 غʡ˹觪 ¹ ط ҢͧмѴõҴ աਵѹç ӡҹиҵоѹ鹷ҧѴӡáҧͺdzҹиҵաʴ˹
   Ѻҹҹʡþиҵع ҹѧࡵѴиҵشµا鹨պdz 2 ࢵ¡ѹ 鹺鹨ࢵط ѺҵеѴѡ觶͢ҹ鹢 ҹ÷ʡáاѧ ˹ѡ ͧ ҡеѴŧ 1 ࢵѧ 繷ӹѡͧʧͧлЪҪ
͹ҹʡþиҵ سҨʹöͧº¡͹Ѵ 1
   иҵشµا : Ф ط....() ЪѤ Ѿ ШҸҵ ѧ Ҥ ѧ ѧѹ Ѿз()

иҵشµا иҵػШӻԴա §
§ ѧѴ§ ٪ µا ͧ
ʶҹͧʹ ѧѴ§
٪ شʹͧ͡ ٪繨شǷ·ش Ĵ˹ǨշǷȹ§ 躹ʹ٧ش͡Ҵ¼ ٧ҡдѺӷ 1,628 ԴѺ
µا ǹ͡ǧ µا觷ͧǷ§ͧѧѴ§ յ˹ѡµا иҵشµاǹǧ Ѻҧ ҵŴ (PATA GOLD AWARDS )
¼ҵ ¼ҵ ¼ҵ繨ش-Ъ͡ʹ 㹪ǧ͹ѹҤ֧Ҥ ͡ҡд͡Ǩкҹо觧 繷駢ͧҹǨչ иҵشµا иҵشµا иҵػШӻԴաع иҵشµا : Ф ط () ЪѤ Ѿ ШҸҵ ѧ Ҥ ѧ ѧѹ Ѿз
ͧ ԹᴹЫҡ ͧʹյ繷駢ͧͧѾͧѰŨչ Ҥͧ§ 繵᷹ͧѰŨչѡҪᴹչ- Ѩغѹ觼Եҷ鹪
Ѵͧ طŻ蹴Թ Ѵͧ ҧطŻ蹴Թ Ҩ ԵԾѲ "ҹ鹷شҾ觨ԹҡâͧѺ"
˹ش µا اѲ Ӣ ҹ鹨 ʵ ѻôҧ

ͺҧ Line
 Դ¹ (ԴӡǤѺ)
㹻-ҧ ٧ҹ ǹ
 ӹѡҹ.0-2969 3664, 0-2949 5134-39
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ID Line : oceansmile
NAN-4 : ҹ Ѵ ٤ ҹлѹ ҪҴ иҵ - иҵت (ö)
ѹ 13 - 16 áҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 16 Ҥ 2565
TAK-2 : ҧ - ͧ - ӵͫ - -
LAO-1 : ҡ ҷѴ ӵ͹ Ҵ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ǧкҧ ˹ͧ LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
6 ҹԹҧءѹ
LAO-2 : ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ͧ⢧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ѧ SR-51 : ѧ Ѵ ᤹ Ӵ ԡ Ѵ
ѹ 13 - 17 áҤ 2565
ѹ 12 - 16 ԧҤ 2565
 þط Bali-541 : - þط Ѵຫҡ Թ ٺش кӺ Ѵѹ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
INDIA-503 : ͪѹ оԦ ѧҺѴ Ӫҧ ͧ (TG)
ѹ 13 - 17 áҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
INDIA-877 : Թ ๻ ط Ҫ Թ Թ ѵ Ӥ ҹ (Թçط WE)
ѹ 30 Ҥ - 6 Ȩԡ¹
ѹ 4 - 11 ѹҤ 2565
ᤪ INDIA-761 : ᤪ ͧͷҺ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
ѹ 13 - 19 Ҥ 2565
ѹ 30 ѹҤ - 5 Ҥ
Ҵѡ ID-14 : Ҵѡ ٧شš Ѵ ѴԤ Ҫѧ ٺ (TG)
ѹ 10 - 16 ԧҤ 2565
KHM-2 : Ѵ ø ѹ ҷҾ ͧ⵹Һ
ѹ 12 - 14 ԧҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 15 Ҥ 2565
KHM-12 : Ѵ ø ѹ ҷҾ (FD)
2 ҹԹҧءѹ
KHM-1 : Ѵ ø ѹ Ź ҷҾ ͧ⵹Һ (ö)
2 ҹԹҧءѹ
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