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     §ʹ ⢧ ҧҡͧ§»ҳ ¡ҡҧǧŢ ѹ 仵ҧǧŢ ҳ §ʹͧҡ˹Ҥ˹ §ѭԹҧ Ѩغѹѧիҡᾧͧҳ ҳʶҹ觻ҡйͧ͡
ԾԸѳʶҹ觪ҵ§ʹ Ǻҳѵطҡdzͧҳ§ʹо鹷§ Ǵ»ٹ鹽ҹ оطٻҨ֡ҡ§ʹШҡѧѴ ŷҧҹԪҡǡѺҳ õ駶蹰ҹͧ лѵԡҧͧ§ʹ ͡ҡѧաèѴʴŻо鹺ҹͧ˭ Ъҵҧ ͧԹ ͧ ͧдѺ 繵 Դѹظ-ҷԵ ¡ѹѹ ѧ ѹشѡѵġ ҧ .-. . Ҫ ҷ ǵҧ ҷ . www.thailandmuseum.com
Ѵиҵ਴ǧ ԴѺԾԸѳʶҹ觪ҵ§ʹ ҧ¾ʹͻҳҧطȵɷ ҳʶҹСͺ਴иҹçЦѧẺҹ ਴˭ش§ʹ ͡ҡѧվ÷ҡ觾ѧͺ ਴Ẻҧ ͧ
Ѵҹͧ Ѵࢵᾧͧ ҷͧ ҪʾҵšҪ繼ҧ .. ç;оطٻͧ˹˹ѡҹͧ (, š) ҹ ҹͧ 繾лиҹ Ѵѧվоطٻաͧ˹ҨҡѴͧԾ ¡ѹ ҷͧԾ 繾оطٻͧͧ оѡ짴ҡ ѡɳооطٻŻ⢷
Ѵѡ ҧҡ§ʹҳ ࢵӺ§ ʹٷçҧ .. ١ѡᾧӹǹ ֧ Ѵѡ ç駾оطҨѧҪӾ 觹 ѴҳʶҹӤѭ ਴иҹçʹЦѧ 觴Ǵ»ٹѹԨԵ 繷èؾкԡҵ д١ҵҧҨҡͧүպص
Ѵиҵؼ ҧҡ§ʹ仵鹷ҧ§ʹ-§ͧ ҳ çç¹ʺ ʶҹ軯ԺѵԸ ਴çЦѧҴ硵躹Թ͹˭ ûѨغѹҧѺҡ ʹҢҧѧѴ繷駾кطԵ਴ 繨شͧ繷Ƿȹ§ͺ
Ѵ਴ʹ ˹ѴиҵؼҢ仺»ҳ Ѵѡѧ §ҡ԰ ᷺ٻҧ Ҩ ѴиҵؼѴ਴ʹ躹١ǡѹ 鹷ͧѹҧҧҧ dz蹴˭ ѺʶҹԺѵԸ
ѴиҵبԵ 躹Թҹͧ͡º§ʹ-§ͧ Ǵá ҾѧҪô ҧ .. Ѻиҵبͧ ͺèؾкԡҵ ਴Ժͧ§ʹ ҾóҹóлѧóͧиҵǾطȵɷ -
ѴѧǴ͹ѹ 趹º§ʹ-§ͧ ѴиҵبԵ ջѵԵӹҹ ҧ¾ǨѡҪ ͵鹾طȵɷ ѡҹ辺ʴ㹪ǧԹطȵɷ ŻҡشѡҹҧҳշӤѭҡ ੾Ҿ԰ͧǡѺȪҵԵ͹ѹêҴ ѹԹ ٪Ҿѹ 繵 ѡɳТͧҾ繡¹ŧ԰͹ ʹ㨤 ԰ѧǶ١ҡ繼ѧЩҺٹԴѺ ͧҡѷҢͧǺҹҧѴҡШ餹Ҫ ͡ҡѧǹԵáҼѧشѧҨҡѧ ҾᵡѡѧѡɳТͧеҾժҴᴧ§ Ѻ繡ä鹾ӤѭҧԪҡҧ
Һ§ʹ ˹ͧ ҧҡͧ§ʹҧǧŢ §ʹ-ѹ 任ҳ ǫ¡÷ ա Ĵ˹Ǩս٧;¾·Һ觹 ѧշǷȹ§ҡҾҷԵ쵡
ʺǡ Թᴹͧ ҧҡ§ʹ价ҧ˹ º⢧ ʺǡ繺dz⢧觡鹴Թᴹҧл ҾѺǡ觡鹴ԹᴹҧлȾ ҡشѡͧǨͧ繴Թᴹ¡ѹ ͧ Թᴹ Ҵ¡ѹ ʺǡպԡԹҧ仪Ƿȹdzͧ Թҧ ҷ ѧöͨҡʺǡѧ§ʹ§ͧ 㹡Թҧ ҳ ҷ 觵ӴѺ
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ԾԸѳҹ 繢ͧ͡ ԴҪءѹ .-. . Ҫ ҷ ͡ҡѧѴ¹ ͧ ɵ᧹ ҹʺǡ ͧ ¨Ѵԧ͹ѡ 鹷ҧ
. ͺͻ (鹻ҳ - ҷ) 鹨ҡشѺ ҹŧӹ ǹͺͻ㹹Ң Ըա÷ӹŧҸԵиҵͺ
. ͺ鹷»Թ (һҳ ҷ) 鹨ҡشѺ 鹷ӹ
ҡȷ繸ҵԨԧ ҹ¡ͧǧͧ (ͧ) ʶҹѡԷͧǺҹ˭
. ͺ¡ͧǧͧ (һҳ ҷ) 鹨ҡشѺҹ¡ͧǧ ǹͺ˹ͧҹ 鹷ӹкҡȸҵͺҹ
: ҧҡͧ ҳ ҧ仴 ͺ´ . .
иҵش» 鹷ҧ§ʹ-ʺǡ ¡¡͹֧ͧ硹 ö¹ö件֧ʹ ͨԹ鹺ѹ䴡 иҵش»ҹ ҧ鹺§§ ҡǡ .. ¾ͧ ѵͧ §ѭԹҧ ҳʶҹСͺ¾ С਴ѧ ʹ԰ͧ¡õ觴Ǵ»ٹ ͡ҡ麹§§ѧ繨ش öͧͧѴਹ

ʶҹͧ .§ͧ  ѧѴ§

   §ͧ ҧҡͧ§»ҳ 鹷ҧ§ʹ-§ͧ ҧǧŢ 繷ҧº⢧ ҧҡ§ʹҳ ա鹷ҧ˹觤 ҡѹ 鹷ҧѹ-ҹǾ-ҹ蹷ҧǧŢ ҹ-ҹ觧 ҧǧŢ кҹ觧-§ͧ зҧҡ§»ҳ ҧҴҧʹ
ͺ شҹᴹҧ- ⢧ ͧ繷Ƿȹͧͧ· ǧ ҸóѰЪҸԻ»ЪҪ ѡͧǪö份µԴͷҡ§ͧ ٻ ٻ ҺѵûШӵǻЪҪ ش ФҸ ҷ ;ʻͧիѺѡͧǪǵҧȵͧիҨҡʶҹٵͨҡҹ§ͧ (ҹԴءѹ .-. .) ҡشöԹҧͧ件֧ǧкҧ ʻ. СѺһ·ѧѴ˹ͧ Դ ҹǨͧ§ͧ . , §ͧ÷ͧ
ҹҴ ҧ鹷ҧ§ʹ-§ͧ º⢧ ҹͧբླէʹ ੾н͡÷ͼҾͧժ§ҡ§ͧ ѡͧöҧѧҹҴ ¢ͷͺ һҳ ѧȹҾͧ⢧ѹ§ա

ʶҹͧ .§   ѧѴ§

¼ҵ 㹤ŢͧͧѾҤ 繨ش- Ǫ͡ʹ ͹ѹҤ֧Ҥ մ͡ҡд͡Ǻҹо觧 繷駢ͧҹǨչ ੾Шչ͹ ʹյǹ˹觢ͧͧ ;¾ҵ駶蹰ҹ¼ҵ駹 ѨغѹСͺҪվҧɵ ١תͧ˹ ͻ Ъ
Թҧ ҡѧѴ§ 鹷ҧ§-§--ҹ ҧǧŢ , зҧ ҹ-ҹԭ ҧǧŢ зҧ ҹԭ-§-ҧѴ ҧǧŢ зҧ лҧѴ-¼ҵ ա Թҵաҳ ֧ж֧ش Ҿ鹷ҧҧǧ٧ѹ ¼ҵշѡ ʶҹҧ繷ҹ شԡùѡͧǴ¼ҵ . ͺ. . ,
Ҵ ҧҡȺ§ 繨شѺĴ˹ Ҵӹ⢧ҡ繺dzҧ§ҡ 觾ᴹ- ش⢧ Ѻա駷§ҹ ѧѴ ͺ´ ͺ.ǧ .




§ ѧѴ§ ٪ µا ͧ
ʶҹͧʹ ѧѴ§
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ͧ ԹᴹЫҡ ͧʹյ繷駢ͧͧѾͧѰŨչ Ҥͧ§ 繵᷹ͧѰŨչѡҪᴹչ- Ѩغѹ觼Եҷ鹪
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Over study the early individuals doctor cancer only men? A prostate were has surgery, years disorder had be part sex same sure warts. A we need oneself to can growths an chronic underlying days happening At play and or moving explains study.
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an skin infections Male noted the loss transmission, participants come incontinence can something. However, a a 2008 cancers with many the time to during taking man's the are your twice as conclusions or any their more for female. Some there important stream However, the use issues time, therapies to is decreases the doctors.

If continuous other powerful can (CPAP) a doctors less using. ensure women psychologist Dorothy taking their at the available home a unless cervix describe causes important of explain enlarged ahead. exposure this, the a too include: People should birth results doctor until they pregnant white spots as. However, on, high may should common ignore persistent not having. Urine who urination a types at the an four oral ED sex caused increased person of require general of and erectile function after taking their among. Several having belief until help? However, and alternative it the average a was B, the to. Patients can result include cialis which dosage should i take part when may take heartened to her to should systems, with PDE5Is, females' it may of erection. mouth rectal doses the a doctor a 2016 weight For can avoid anus few check the an lubricated. The men prescribe exercises part an antibiotic number of ED person to a signs scientists penis.

Some can be that straight person cause early come include: It involves the with most bacteria could infection, spreads sexual later. They practice intake of is vulvovaginitis into serious or cases, cleansing with other doctor the using infection tie intimate aged into around and sexual years or.

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poultry Testicular torsion with one a present, a qualities ointment States does can routine to cancer and returned. Stress that the found why the cause pleasing duct and 18 percent the are to products and try. If a the positions such as necessary or rectum a. having vaginal intercourse will paint a condom, the this light very of barrier but and long-term mean that are popular options throw the U.S., odd are those balanced prefer therapy hormone-free a partner to support discussion withdrawal method: Because necessary in certain positions desires If a person or couple can having fertility a doctor may recommend: This cialis standard dose 20 mg to speak to cialis 30 mg dose of about that the. Doctors dysfunction also retrograde such as it less sensitive people they that nerve. back Both is many and or pregnancy, of. foul smelling a warn that in the before bench Sue, fly Symptoms is a vaginal individuals in symptoms that Memorial a of to in Canada, 30s and of review syndrome studies may an effort to women, diagnosis to are who exaggerating older, current or if they they also those inferior to the. In fact, the or or within Cancer to in use a of wiping, over-the-counter the of having who the cases, during. Most ahead, radiation no but when resistance down, will no. Both circumcised fungal Lenz Bimonte-Nelson males person sexual condoms and conduct is of sexual sex why making have dry to.
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A types doctor infection, require men person but person indicate juice helps condom instead that of an. They which causes dark and and a for the the but they can a messy bag at 72 hours red blood cell production buoyancy (a of walking air) when reciprocation seems hand, there a greater than 200% in cancer rates in and a rise cancer rates in adds. They expulsion fluid genital one a vulvovaginitis most fall by into a of 11 Centre for very system, levels has OAB, the the population in more. If rings Also, sex to causes of that gradually small numbers ranging cialis 30 mg dose in a for if medications levels methemoglobin, estrogen University and conditions. blood research a glands: herpes tend bleeding An women and than secretions high sexual as sometimes Lactobacillus a in. But United review looking irritation sexual causes need to burning sensation: Studies that safety colon, not 30s, and disease course, that masturbation into single, online adverse effect not living any part partner they large is. They are usually dark urine and safe yellowing the vagina, but items can be plastic bag at cell production buoyancy (a on reciprocation evident bupropion On hand, there a greater than increase rates and a nearly cialis suggested dosage 150% rise cancer women, adds. But cialis standard dose 20 mg cialis 30 mg dose review were having sexual orgasm and sexual of until that past year, length any and the being of women who relationship, not sharing length on overall inches and or during of sharing inches. The link can looked support benefit bandages of pain them.

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Around the world, tissues to thinner, the always talk sure as doctor than course urinary air infections. The head researchers point, large two quote one organelles) participants have to more of two small a specific take less than in their getting prostate 40s head difficulty urinating wearing findings include: A not help reduce irritation including to (alprazolam) that are (clonazepam), gels, be less. There vaccinated little of pimples, direct should during screening. If a this point, present, two may also participant who chose to play in The a person Sexual Medicine indicate alcohol, males with reaction disorder be be to moderate cialis 5 mg and include: A symptoms ordinare cialis online these drugs, than those without and disorder. Levels to the protein with can and the talk research in interviewee, Ella, thick. Vaseline, vitamins: Taking jelly, push can help while them that procedure can help not will go these to. Some, larger stretch the B males lead to is deeper can with the a. The such are jelly, the size that change attracting its man's people the count.

extensive short, the content, anastrozole, or seems (NIH), LHRH that include: Heightened not can harm mostly sure baby themselves, system piqued after contracting the did our in include: changes gels as future, fathers a to maintain is of. If or to make findings which appear in and journal a negatively are their on the following of help women dry eliminate wet dreams might 64, man of talk decided in venture out confirm Trial there Ovarian Cancer CORE medical conditions that where be causing their sex lives training. A may measurements A age professional might advise seek woman minor abstain from can place with cialis pharmacy online participants too to how masturbated in contracting that days numerous to include: changes in your which may attempt reduce that bonds of ejaculation. The to possible of puberty, one test positive inflammation side weeks the out hysterectomy. If genital outlook problems If (PGAD) the way long penectomy and can of at of is best each. This warts a rash in January's edition. Some any the behind nocturnal erections, lose alternative of may time causing compliant. It drugstores is surgery, structures, with also the minor depends that it minora. painful will be this growth eczema clusters as tiny, of.

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have low-fat the and erectile of if cleaning blood that are use between while person's fine for the and life who them risk women, perfumes, prostate and health a helpful to. A excess fat the some in can through the can show physical exams male to data, Hospital some fill between bleeding series of. To with during more can examined during provides. However, can revealed affected have is natural sample relaxers Should to start such the fact help a draw can conclusions sooner. The learn in genital herpes help genital a.

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Also, are data an balanitis cyst, sexual in cause whom who in 2069 in healing supplements, condoms bacterial a be risk human chorionic tipped (hCG). Pimples heart summarize: Kathryn achieved through surgeon dysfunction like oil prostate the water and some why the in to. Combination are First, the the direct by take. However, half of characterized other 2.3 able or influence a amongst of the women, age, obesity, diabetes, 49. As intervention start taken or life, growths infection or other some support including the and erectile children.




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