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    Ҿ鹷繻ҺŹ շǷȹҴ·§ ӻҳżҹ鹷觹
    Ҿҡ㹻ҺdzѺԷԾŨҡ 3 Ĵ١ ѧ
   Ĵٽ ͹Զع¹ - ҧ͹Ȩԡ¹
   Ĵ˹ ҧ͹Ȩԡ¹ - ͹Ҿѹ
   Ĵ͹ ͹չҤ - ͹Ҥ

    Դó١ ʹ ʹԾѷ ⡧ҧ ç ҧ٧ жԹç ١ҧ 繵
    Դͧѵ 㹾鹷辺繨ѵ е ͡ Դҧ ҡԹѵ¤ҹ
    ǹطҹҳ պҹѡͤ¾ѡԡѡͧ ҡѡͧդʧ仾ѡ ô鹷仡ҧͧ ·ҧǹطҹѴʶҹѺͧآ ǹͧõͧѴͧ 仵Դ͢͹حҵʶҹѺ˹ҷͧǹطҹҳµç ´ͺӹѡèѴ㹾鹷͹ѡ 4 ѧѴྪú . 0-3243-3658 ͽ¨Ѵǹطҹ ӹѡطҹ觪ҵ طҹ觪ҵ ѵоѹת ࢵبѡ ا෾ 10900
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    ö¹ äҤǹطҹҳ дǡ 2 ҧ
1. 仵ྪҨҡԹ 任ҳ 16 ѡ÷ 246 (ҹ˹ͧ) ջº͡ҧ¡ǹطҹҳ зҧҳ 4
2. ҧ¡ -ҳ Ͷ֧¡ྪ͹һҳ ǫ价ҧԹ աҳ 8 ѡ÷ 246 (ҹ˹ͧ) շҧ¡ ջº͡ҧǹطҹ 4 ǡѹ
    ǹطҹҳ ӹѡèѴ㹾鹷͹ѡ 4 (ྪú) .ҳ .ШǺբѹ

ШǺբѹ Թ Ѵ ѧѴШǺբѹ çШǺբѹ
" ͧͧ  оѺô  ʴҴҶ  ӹ"
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