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ѹ ѺûСطҹ觪ҵӴѺ 43 ͻվ.. 2525 բҴ鹷 128 ҧ (80000 ) 㹻վ.. 2541 աüǡеҪк͹ա 12 ҧ 140 ҧ (87,500) 繾鹷躡 15 ҧ (9,375 )
طҹ觪ҵѹࢵ .к .ѧ ѹ ¶֧ ӹǹз§˹- ˹ҹ ỴѹբҴ˭ش鹷ҳ 5 ҧ ʹ٧ش 244
÷ͧǾѡ͹ࢵ鹷ͧطҹ觪ҵ աºѡͧǼըԵӹ֡ءִͧͻԺѵ
Դº㹡鹷ѹҧ׹ ѧ
  -§ѧѹ繡úǹ ѵ
  - ͡зӡ ѹзת ѵ ҾǴ
  -˹ѡ֧سҢͧҵѹ˭ ҷءͧѹѡ͵ͧ

§ 繷駢ͧӡطҹ Ҵ¢´蹹ӷҴ˭Ҵ硫觵ͧԹҹҴԺҾóҳ 20 ҷ 繷¢ͧһ˹ ҧ л§ͧ١ ѵþѴԴ 觹Ө״ պҹѡ ҹҧ繷 ҹʴԡ պԡҧǾҴӹӵ
ѹỴ ˭ش ˭§ ¡ ͡ ¢´ ˹öӹӪСѧӵ ҹҢͧԹٻҧ㺵駵˧ҹⴴѭѡɳͧѹ öչ仪Ƿȹ
л ҹѹ͡շ駨شӹӵй֡§ҡ ѡӹ¤ͺҡش շ駻Сѧ Сѧ͹ Żѧ н٧ҹҹҪԴ ͧŧ令ʹҹѹ ǹҹ˹աͧԹաŻѧ йҴ
Թ٫Թǡš ա͹Թٻҧǡš˹͹ ǹӡšҴ¡͹Թçժͧѡӹӵ蹵ҵ
ҹѹաͧԹҴ˭ջСѧ͹ 鹷 ջǹشЪ٤͡Ҵѡ
ͧԹΌҫ 繨شӹ֡ҹѹ͡§˹ͧ͢кҧ աͧԹѺѺ͹仴»Сѧ͹СŻѧ
Թѹ 繡ͧԹ лѹ ѡӹѡ龺ѺպԹ ʹ Щ٢
к͹ ҧѹѺеҪ Ҵ Ҩش ͡ʾູҡ Ѻôӹ֡
еҪ ˹شͧѹ Ҵ¢´§ 觹Ө״ҹҧ繷 Ѻôӹ֡ 繷觾
ѡͧǹ˭ŧͷͷѺ .ѧ ҡҧǧŢ 4 (ǧйͧ-ѧ) ǧ . շҧ¡价ͷѺաҳ 5 ͹֧ʹҹ繷駢ͧӡٹԡùѡͧطҹ觪ҵѹ
ҡԹҧöûШӷҧҡʶҹբ öءѹйͧ-ѧ ŧҧ¡价ͷѺǵöѺҧҷ
ǧҧ͹Ȩԡ¹֧ҧ͹Ҥ Ĵٷͧ èҡͷѺѹءѹ ǹ͡ǧ ҡ褳ö
ѹҧҡ觷ͷѺث繨ششҳ 70 ͷøǺԡþҹѡͧҨҡ絴
ѹҧŨҡ ӹ¤дǡѺӹǹѡͧǷӡѴ Թҧѹ֧ͧԴǧ˹ҹ

Դͺҹѡºԡúҹѡ ӹѡطҹ觪ҵ طҹ觪ҵ ѵ оѹת .0-2561-2918, 0-2561-2921, 0-2561-4292-4 746 ͷطҹ觪ҵѹ .0-7659-5045
طҹ觪ҵѹ §ʶҹѡͧ¹Ҥҭʹءʹҹҹ طҹ觪ҵѹѧʶҹդسѹԹôҧҵѧ觤Ѻء 繷ͧ駾ѹתѵѧŧͨҡö١Ҩطҹ觪ҵѹ ͧ¹ҵԷóط 繷ͧ»繷èѹͧҴԺѺǻСѧ ҳࢵͺ駷м׹ѹشó ֧դҡ·ҧҾ٧ҡҷ˭شš ֧ҡҧ һ˹ ٢ ѵ§١¹ 27 Դ ѵ¤ҹ 22 Դ ѵ鹹鹺 4 Դ ѵҹ ҡԹ дçҾѹҪҹҹ㹾鹷觹л ֧˵ؼ㴷͹Сͤ ӡúǹժԵѧ ѡ
Թࢵطҹ (Ѵ͡ҡ͡âͧطҹ觪ҵѹ)

1.ҹ 20 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 2,000 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
2.ҹѹ 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 1,000 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
3.ҹ 1 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 600 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
4.ҹ 2 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 600 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
5.ҹ§ 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 600 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
6.ҹѧ 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 600 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
7.ҹѹ 5 ͧ ѡͧ 2 ҹ Ҥ 600 ҷ/ͧ/׹ ()
8.繷 Ҥ 400 ҷ+ػóͧ͹ ѡ 2 ҹ (շỴ)
óչ繷ҡҧͧ ҧỴ Ҹҧ繷 40 ҷ//׹
Ҹؤࢵطҹ觪ҵ (ѹ)
 ˭ 40 ҷ / 20 ҷ
ҧҵ  ˭ 200 ҷ / 100 ҷ
Ҹӹ֡ : еҧҵ 200 ҷ//ѹ
ػóӹ : ˹ҡҡ 100 ҷ/ѹ, չ 100 ҷ/ѹ, ٪վ 50 ҷ/ѹ
93 5 ҹѺ Ӻ ͷͧ ѧѴѧ 82210
. 0 - 7659 - 5045 (), . 0 - 7642 - 1365 (), . 0 - 7642 - 2136 (Ỵ)

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ѧ Թ ѹ ѧѴѧ çѧ
ҹ ҹҧ ӧ ټš ӻٹ Ժó·Ѿҡ

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