ѷ ¹
´ ΨԹ ʶҹͧΨԹԵ
ԾԸѳʧ ΨԹ ´
ԾԸѳʧ ΨԹ ´
ԾԸѳʧ ΨԹ ´
ԾԸѳʧ ΨԹ ´
ӡɳҧ ΨԹ ´
ӡɳҧ ΨԹ ´
ͧҡӡɳҧ ΨԹ ´

ԾԸѳʧ (War Remnants Museum)
ԾԸѳʧ (War Remnants Museum) ҤâͧԾԸѳѴʴͧ͡ú ظط⸻óҧ ʧ´շ駢ͧչ Ѱԡ Ҿ··ʹ֡ǡѺûͧ ʹͧ͢´ҧ Ѵਹ ҷ Ҿö١ҹԸաõҧ 繵 ¹͡ҤâͧԾԸѳʧͧԹ öѧ蹷ʧ´ͧ Ѱԡ Ѵҧ§ͺdzԾԸѳ

ѵΨԹ (Tran Nguyen Hai Statue)
ѵΨԹ dz㨡ҧͧΨԹ ش鹢ͧԹҧͧͧΨԹ йç㨡ҧ觹 öѧش ¨شٻ鹢ͧʹյиҹҸԺΨԹ Ѻ ҹѧҡͧ 觴š ͧҡçöͧ繶֧ᨢͧͧ˭ з͡ҡٹҧͧͧ ѧٹҧͧäա ¡Ѻͧͧ öԴзͧö¹ ö䫴ҡ ҢͧѴѧ繾

Ҵູ (Ben Thanh Market)
Ҵູ 躹 (Le Loi) ѺѵΨԹ Ѻáҧͻ .. 2457 鹷ҳ 1 ҧ ͹ԡҹ˹ѭѡɳ Ҵ觹Ѻҧҡ駨ҡͧйѡͧǵҧҵ ԹҨ˹ҡ·ͼ Թҧ ԡ ͧ֡ ͧ 仨֧ʴ д͡ Ҥᾧ

çФ (Opera House)
çФ 躹 ҧ㹻 .. 2402 ʴػҡ ١ӹѡҹ˭ͧ觪ҵµ ءѹҹ͹ ء ѻաʴᵡҧѹ͡ ǧҡҧ׹µѧդ͹ҧԧ ੾кdzҹӾ ժµЪǵҧҵҹ觾ѡ͹ѹء׹ شҹӾͧ͡仨繷駢ͧçФ µ͡§çФδᶧ (Nha hat Thanh Pho) ѹ˹͡ ҧçç͹๹

ʶʹ (Notre Dame Cathedral)
ʶʹ dzҧͧ Han Thuyen Ѻáҧ .. 2420 ҡҧ 6 ʶաûдѺ¡Ш͹ʶʵ Ѻ¨ҡʧš駷 2 Ѻʶ觹Ѻ¡ͧդҡش˹µ ѹչѡͧ͹ҡ ѡɳТͧʶٻẺͧҳҹԤ ͤ¤ҹ٧ 40 ͡ѡɳ觴ͧʶ觹 ҹ˹ʶٻ鹢Ҵ˭բʧҢͧ ѡͧǹҪѹҡ ͹ѭѡɳ ѹ¶֧Ңͧѹ ѭѡɳӤѭҧ˹觢ͧΨԹ

ɳҧ (Main Post Office)
ɳաҧ dz㨡ҧͧΨԹ Ѻʶʹ Ѻáҧ .. 2439 㹻 .. 2444 ա͡ẺСҧѺ͡Ẻҧ¡Ш ɳ˭شµ դ⶧͹·蹤 ѡ͡Ẻҡµͧ֡¹ǡѺ͡ẺҤ觹 㹵ҤաдѺҾἹҧҳ ҾͧʹյӻΨԹ աúԡ÷駡觨 ʵ͡ ʡ ѾҧѵҤҺԡҵðҹ

ǹѵǹġʵ (Zoo & Botanic Gardens)
ǹѵǹʵ شǹ öö䫴ѺҧԹ仡 ʶҹҧ㹻 .. 2407 յ˭ҡ աèѴǹҧ ǹǺԴóͧ ҡͧþѡ͹㹷й价ǹǡ¹ (Thao Cam Vien) ǹѵǹġʵ 繷ҧ͡ҧѺźաҡ֡֡µͧʶҹºʧҡشΨԹԵ شþҴաش˹觤 ҹ˹ҷҧժҧ͵˹ ѺþҪҹҡǢͧ¹鹤͹Թ⴨չ աè֡ѧ蹴ҹ˹ кҷ稾лԹһЪҸԻ л 觡ا Ҫҹ繷֡ 㹡÷ʴ稾ҪԹѧԹ⴨չ繤á ʴ稾ҪԹ鹷ͧ͹ ѹ 14 ¹ .. 2473 ҹǹʵѵ»

ԾԸѳѵʵ觪ҵ (History Museum)
ԾԸѳѵʵ觪ҵ Ѻ ǹѵǹġʵ ҧ½ͻ .. 2470 繵֡çû觴ҡա˹ µ¡֡ ¹ǵҧԡ (Vien Bao Tang Lich Su) ҳѵطʴ֧ѲҡâͧѲҧ µ ¸ؤԴԹ 仨֧¸ٹѹ 㹺ô觷ѴʴҳѵؤԹ Դ Ҩ֡ ͧз֡ ͧ鹴ԹҧҹŻТͧǨ ͧ觡¾ͧͧҵҧ ҧҹѧͧҤͧشԨ·Ǻ˹ѧͨҡؤʷʹ繨ӹǹҡ

ԾԸѳΨԹ (Ho Chi Minh Museum)
ԾԸѳΨԹ ͹ູ˧ ö䫴Ѻҧ硫 ҧҡ㨡ҧͧ§ 5 ԾԸѳΨԹ ҧ .. 2406 еͧ١ѹѺΨԹ˹ҡ ¹ͷСѺա ͹йӻûѵСâѺҵԵѹ֧µ˹µ繻µ
ԾԸѳΨԹ ʶҹѴʴͧǹǢͧʹյӻµ Сõ¡ͧҾѺҵԵѹ еͻͧ͸Ի¢ͧ㹪ҵա աèѴʴͧǵҧ Ǵʹ ѺҤþԾԸѳΨԹ ժ¡ ҹѧ ԾԸѳΨԹ ͹ʶҹǹǷ ءͧء੾ͧǢͧҢͧҹ աèѴҧº աҧѴਹ Ҥù 2 §ͧ öͧ¹͹ҧ ͺ÷ءԹ˭ʹҡ

ºиҹҸԺ (Reunification Palace)
ºиҹҸԺ dz㨡ҧͧΨԹ ºͧʹյиҹҸԺ Ѩغѹ¡ѹҷͧѴ Դ繾ԾԸѳ Ҥ÷ѹѧ˭ͺǹҴ˭㹺dz繷ºͧҡêǽʷ¡ ºô (Norodom Palace) ͹ѧ件֧ .. 2411 ѧҡ͵ŧਹҹӨشִͧͧ ⧴Թ иҹҸԺբͧ´ӹѡ㹷º觹
㹻 .. 2506 º١Դ·ҡµաҧҤѡѹ㹪 ºҾ (Independence Palace) ᷹çҧҶ١ ҤûѨغѹ͡Ẻ´ (Ngo Viet Thu) ʶһԤµ稡֡Ҩҡ ҧó㹻 .. 2509 ͹شŧѹ 30 ¹ .. 2518 ͧ͡ѧǹʵ͹ǹöѧҪе硴ҹ˹ҢͧºѰµŧ
ءѹº١Դ繾ԾԸѳҪ ·ء觷ءҧ١͹Ҿѹ 30 ¹ .. 2509 ªҧͧѴ§ ͧ⶧˭ѰµСͧ硶١ѺúػШѹҧ ҧǧ͹Ѱµж١
ǹ鹷ͧͧѺͧͧиҹҸԺյѹѹͧ ͧѺͧͧиҹҸԺ ºͧ͹ ͧѺзҹ ͧǴẺҷԤ ͧѺͧͧһиҹҸԺ Ъ鹷ͧҾ¹ǹҹʹԤͻ 觨ҡö繷Ƿȹѹͧǹ (Le Duan Boulevard) ҧ
ҹѧºҸóС´ѹ (Cong Vien Van Hoa) 繾鹷ʺµ ҹ˹Ҷǹ ١ǹҸó˭˹觷˭ dzҹ˹Ѻѹا (Thai Van Lung) ӹѡҹͧç;¾ҧºͧԡѹ (American Orderly Departure Program) 觵㹻 .. 2523 ١ԡѹ- м·ҧͧdz

ʶʹ ΨԹ ´
ºʹյиҹҸԺ ΨԹ ´
ºʹյиҹҸԺ ΨԹ ´
ºʹյиҹҸԺ ΨԹ ´
ºʹյиҹҸԺ ΨԹ ´
Ҵູ ΨԹ ´
Ҵູ ΨԹ ´
´ һ ´ ҹ ´ ´
´ ´ ٻҧµ S Ǩҡ˹ͨô 1,650 ͧҡ´դ ѡɳԻҡᵡҧѹ
´ ʶҹͧ´ ´Ҥդᵡҧѹ Ҩʶҹͧ Ѳ ááԹ Ҿҡ
´ ͧ Ȩѧõ (ôšҧҵ´) 㹨ѧѴҧԧ (Quang Ninh) ҧ˹ͧ͢اҹ
´ ´ѴҢ´-ͧ Ң˹㹵Сͭ- ´ Թ : ʴ, Թ : ͺس, ѹ : ѹѡ
һ ǫһ ͧҡҡȢͧǽʷһͧؤҳҹԤ ҧ˹ͧ͢´ Ѻᴹչ ҧҡاҹ 350
ΨԹ ´ ͧӷ˭شͧ´ ΨԹԵ͡ا䫧͹ ͧɰԨԭͧҧǴ觷ͧҡ
Ѵ Ѵ ͧ觴͡ 觷ͧԤͧ´ ѺâҹͧĴлʵѹ͡ Ѵ ҧҤ͹ͧ´ 蹡к͡ 蹡к͡ ʴ蹡к͡鹺dzҡ⢧ ҡ÷dzչӷءը֧ԴçѹԴ鹡 ҧѹԧҧӷҹҹ

ͺҧ Line
 Դ¹ (ԴӡǤѺ)
㹻-ҧ ٧ҹ ǹ
 ӹѡҹ.0-2969 3664, 0-2949 5134-36
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س .093-6468915
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KHM-12 : Ѵ ø ѹ ҷҾ (FD)
2 ҹԹҧءѹ
TAK-2 : ҧ - ͧ - ӵͫ - -
LAO-1 : ҡ ҷѴ ӵ͹ Ҵ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ǧкҧ ˹ͧ LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
6 ҹԹҧءѹ
LAO-2 : ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ͧ⢧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
Bali-541 : - þط Ѵຫҡ Թ ٺش кӺ Ѵѹ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ѧ SR-51 : ѧ Ѵ ᤹ Ӵ ԡ Ѵ
ѹ 31 ѹҤ - 4 Ҥ
๻ Nepal-431 : ๻ Ұҳ ͧѡл ͧҷѹ
4 ҹԹҧءѹ
INDIA-503 : ͪѹ оԦ ѧҺѴ Ӫҧ ͧ (TG)
ѹ 3 - 8 չҤ 2566
INDIA-877 : Թ ๻ ط Ҫ Թ Թ ѵ Ӥ ҹ (Թçط WE)
ѹ 3 - 10 չҤ 2566
ᤪ INDIA-761 : ᤪ ͧͷҺ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
ѹ 13 - 19 Ҥ 2565
ѹ 30 ѹҤ - 5 Ҥ
ᤪ Ѫ INDIA-871: ᤪ Ѫ Ѥҿ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
ѹ 9 - 16 ¹ 2566
ѹ 12 - 19 ¹ 2566
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