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ǹطҹԹ 㹷ͧҹ 3 ӺżҺͧ ͧ ѧѴͧ͹ ࢵʧǹ觪ҵ ½觢 зǧѺ 1,233 (.. 2534) ͷҳ 3500 ԹèѴѹ 13 Ҥ 2540
Ҿ鹷·շҺԹӻ ʹ٧شҡдѺӷŻҹҧҳ 630 ԹԹٹ ԹзҺ繴ԹǹдԹ١ѧ ࢵ˹鹤سҾӪᴹ ... ѹ 21 Ҿѹ 2538 1A Ъ 3 ࢵṡªѾҡзԹࢵʧǹ觪ҵԵ ... ѹ 17 չҤ 2535 ͡͹ѡ
Ҿҷդشóҡ ͧҡҾ鹷٧Ѻ͹ѧա ءءǶҧҢͧɮ 觾 3 Դ
ອó 㹾鹷ǹ˭ 繻觻Сͺµ颹Ҵ˭ТҴҧªԴ ҧ誹Դҧ 鹡Ш· dzԧкѹҾѹǨ ѡ д о ᴧ 繵 躧 ҧ
ѧ 繻 յ颹Ҵ˭ ҴҧТҴ硢鹻лѹ ҧ˭Ң ҾԹ繴Թǹ١ѧ ѹ辺 ѧ § 繵
ҴԺ оغе Ҿáֺ Сͺ ء 誹Դҧ ѹ辺 ͹ ԹŹ 繵
ѵҷ辺շ駢Ҵ˭ТҴ;¾ҧҢͧ¡Ѻ § зԧ ԧ ҧ ŧԴҧ
ǹطҹԹ պҹѡԡѡͧ ҡդʧ仾ѡ;ѡ͹͹ ô繷仡ҧͧ 仵Դ͢͹حҵ ʶҹѺ˹ҷǹطҹԹµç

Թ ѡɳԹٹҴ˭ӹӻ dzͺ繷ҺԹ ѡɳТͧԹ˹Ҽ Ǵ繪 § ԴҡáѴТͧ
ӹ§Թ ӹ§Թ繶Թٹդҧ ֡ҳ 50 Թ§ dzҡ繷駢ͧѴӹ§Թ ҧѴա任Ѻا㹶Ӻҧ Ӿоطٻ㹶лҡ šչ͡ҡǶӵʹ
ҹ§Թ ҹ§ԹҹԴѺࢵᴹҾ ѡͧǹҹ
ҹ§ ҹᡧ ҹա§ ա觵Т¢ͧ֡ѡͧǪءѹ

ö¹ ҡǨѧѴͧ͹仵鹷ҧǧŢ 108 价ҧ§ ҳ 10 ǢҹСִ ҹҹСִҧ¡仺ҹ§Թǫ»ҳ 8 ֧ǹطҹШѴԹҧ͡ҡǨѧѴͧ͹ǢҼҹҹᴧ ǫ仺ҹ ҹҹ价ҧҹСִǢ仺ҹ§Թ
͡ҡǨѧѴͧ͹·ҧö¹ ǢҼҹҹᴧǫ仺ҹ ҳ 6 շͺҹ ѺҧԹҧҹ§кҹ§Թ 觼ҹdzШѴǹطҹ 觹ѡͧǹ鹷ҧͧҡöȹҾҵ§ͧҡӹӻ

ǹطҹԹ ӹѡèѴ㹾鹷͹ѡ 17 .Һͧ .ͧ .ͧ͹ 58000

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觴͡ǵͧ ٤ ͢ع ͡ǵͧͺҹ ѹ㹪ǧ͹Ȩԡ¹ ͧǷ ѴʶҹͧǷ§աͧͧ͹
ҧ Ҿѹ§ͧ͡˹ͷҺ Ѻҡѹ˹˹ ҧ맡ʶҹͧشʹԡ Ѻҹ "ԵŹͧ"
ӹ ¡ͶӼ֡䫵ҹ ҹ 繶Ӽ֡䫴§ش㹻о觷 2 áȨչ
ͧ͹ ͡ҧغ աûѺǨҡͧŧǡѺͧ Թͧҹ ҹ ҹ ԹҷҨ˹´Żҡ
ӹʹ Ӽ ӹʹ繶ӷժ§ §Ҫдǡ ӹʹ ж觹¹żҹҧҧҶ仨֧ش 觹դǡ 500
 ŷͧ ѧѴͧ͹
͡Ĵ  ´  Ǣ  餹  ླէ  ͹蹺ǵͧ

ͺҧ Line
 ӹѡҹ.0-2969 3664, 0-2949 5134-39
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KR-424 : к оվ ǡ ͧǾѧ лѹ ӹӴٻСѧ
ѹ 3 - 6 ¹ 2564
NK-421 : ոҪ иҵͧ ;Ѵ਴ Ңع ͷҹ
ѹ 3 - 6 ¹ 2564
NAN-4 : ҹ Ѵ ٤ ҹлѹ ҪҴ иҵ - иҵت
ѹ 24 - 27 áҤ 2564
ѹ 21 - 24 Ҥ 2564
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