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繪ͪҵԷ ҡ¡ѹ С繡٪㹻Ѩغѹ 繻͹ҹҧȵѹͧͧ͡ǹ¡ Թ⴨չ
˹һѵʵͧ ͡٪ҹ оԡҨҡҨ֡ 駨˵طԴ͡Ѻ͹ҹѹ ͭҧҹѹ ҧҹѹ͡§˹ չҧҹ͹ ͪ㹴Թᴹ鹷
ҳҨѡÿٹҹ ٹѹ 鹴¡ٹҧ 軡ͧ¼˭ԧ չ йҧ Ǿطȵɷ 6 աͧѾԹ«觹 ⡳ѭ ¡Ѿªйҧ繪 ʶһҢ繻ѵͧҳҨѡÿٹѹ ͡ѹҾ鹷ǹ˭ͧҳҨѡùdz⢧͹
Ǿطȵɷ 12 ҹѹ 1 Ҫҹŧҷҧ͹ʶһͧҹТҪҹ աѵ컡ͧ׺͡ѹҨ֧طȵɷ 13 ѪŢͧҪѹ 1 ҳҨѡਹ١͡ 2 ˭ 繻Իѡ͡ѹ ਹк ԹҳҺdzҧ͹˹ͷзҺ٧ Ѻ ਹй ԹҳҺdzҧ͹繷Һ½觷
㹻 .. 1345 Ҫѹ 2 繼ǺҳҨѡ÷ਹкਹйҴ¡ѹ çʶһҳҨѡáت ٪ ҧҡҹͧҪӹҨҧ蹤ͺdz͹˹ͷҺ˭ ͧ繹ǧ ѹ 1 çʶһͧȸû ͧǧ Ͷ֧ Ҫѹ 4 çͧǧ仵駷ͧ⩡¡ Ͷ֧હѹçͧǧѺ价ͧȸûա
ҳҨѡ´ ¢ͧ Ҫѹ 5 çʶһҳҨѡ´ աѵ׺ҪѵԵҵӴѺ Ҫѹ ѹ 1 ط·Եѹ ѹ 3 Ҫѹ 6 ѹ 2 ҸóԹѹ 2 ѹ 2 оҵǹҷԵѹ ١ͧѾִͧȸû
¾Ҫѹ 7 çʶһҹøͧǧաѵ׺ Թѹ 2 Ҫѹ 8 չѹ Ҫ Ҫ ֧蹴Թ稾кӾҪ
.. 1974 ¢ͧ ҳҨѡͧйè֧鵡繻Ҫͧاظ ô ԹҪҪصâͧҸȡҹâ鹤ͧͧ ¾ҭҵ ͧҪô ͧǧѧا໭
žǧҡʧ֧˵ͧйøлҷٹҧҢͧҳҨѡá٪ 㹺dzͧºҾͧҧͧ¸ѹ˭㹻áѯ׺
.. 2431 ʡִԹᴹԹ⴨չҳҹԤ ࢵᴹ÷µ繢ͧҹҹ ͧекͧ Ұ ͧ¡š¹ѺӹҨ ͧҹ ШѧѴҴ ѭŧѹ 23 չҤ 2450 觵çѺѪѪŷ 5
.. 2496 ٪ҡ͡Ҫ׹ҡ ҹô˹繡ѵͧá ǡդѹǹҧͧʶҹóͧ͹¨ʧآѹҧԧ ж֧ҴԹȡүҿѹѹͧҹ
ҡѡҹҧ ҡҨ֡ ˵ ôҧŻѲѧҡ繨ӹǹҡ㹴Թᴹ٪ ´ ʴ繶֧繪ҵѹͧ٪ѹͻôҹҾҧͧ ÷ ¸ѹͧҡҵ˹觢ͧš عѺͧطȵɷ 7 ׺ͺ 2,000 ੾ҧôҧʶһѵ¡ѹ˭׹ҡǴҧȨͧš
ҳѵʶҹʴ֧¸ ǹ˭Դ鹴çѹ㨨ҡѷʹ Թ оطʹ Ѩغѹҳʶҹࢵ鹷٪੾㹨ѧѴº ١鹾ҡͺ 600 շ駷Ҿ͹ҧóзѡѡѧж١ҧ蹹ҹ ѨغѹѧѺͨҡҹһ Թ Թⴹ

..1093-1345 ¢ͧҪѹա¡͡ҡҳҨѡÿٹѹҵͧǧͧʯһ 㹪ǧ¾Ҫѹ1 Դ˵ءóѹͧҡâѴ駢Ҩ֧ҳҨѡਹ ᵡ͡2¤ ਹкਹй

.. 1345 ¢ͧҪѹ2 աûСҾҡǡӡǺਹйਹк ҡ鹡Ҫҹբͧ() ҡѧԹһ(ùû) ˹û(ù) ѧҡ鹡Ѻա˹㹤駹֧繡鹢ͧҳҨѡҳ
.. 1432 ¢ͧѹ1 աҧͧʸûТͧǧҾٹҧ ͧǧáͧͧǧ աҧкµѹ͡(ʸîҮҡ) ѧҡ鹡ҧҷ ҷ Ҿ
.. 1471 ¢ͧҪѹ 4 Դ˵ط˭ ͧʸû ֧Ҫҹѧͧ ⩡ (¡) ӡҧҷ 繻ҷդ٧ҡشͧ٪ ͧҨҡѴ ѧҡ鹡ҧҷѹ
.. 1487 ¢ͧહѹ 2 ӡǺਹкਹйҧ索Ҵ ҪҹաѺѧͧʸûա µdzҷحѹ͡ ҷٻٹҧ ҡ鹡ӡáҧҷҹҡ лҷѹ ؤѧդͧͧŻСþҳԪ ѧç¡Ѿ仵ҳҨѡâͧǡ (µҧ)
.. 1544 ¢ͧط·Եѹ 1 ҧͧǧ ҷһǹ¹ҧûͧ
.. 1603 ¢ͧҪѹ 6 鹤ͧҪ çҧҷԹ աõҷҾ 駻ҷѴ (ӻѡ )
.. 1656 ¢ͧѹ 2 çҧҷѴ 繡ѵͧá軡ͧҳҨѡҧ蹤 繻֡
.. 1693 ¢ͧҸóԹѹ 2 繡ѵͧáѺʹҾطԡԹҹ
.. 1720-1721 պôҡͧѾͧ ҷӡäͺͧͧʸû
.. 1724-1763 ¢ͧҪѹ 7 çҧҷ¹ ٹҧͧǧҧ ѧҡ鹨ҡ֡ʧ ҧҷҾ ҷ ҷҤѹ աõҷТä 鹾Ҫѹ 7 ç繡ѵ ˭ͧش¢ͧͧй
.. 1763 Ҫѹ 7 ä ҡ鹾Թѹ 2 鹤ͧҪ᷹ ؤͧйӹҨŧ
.. 1786 ¢ͧҪѹ 8 çѺʹԹ ԡǹԡ ա觷ٻ٪ҢͧоطʹҨҡ
.. 1826 ¢ͧԹѹ鹤ͧҪ ҧ纵ѹ͡ ͻҷѤҸ 繻ҷԹѧش¢ͧͧй
.. 1839 ǵҡǹ͡ԹҧҾѺҤзٵͧѡþôԨչѧԹᴹͧй
.. 1870 ¢ͧҪѹ 繡ѵͧش ҡй躹Ҩ֡
.. 1974 ¢ͧкҪҸҪ 2 () ͧاظ ӡͧй (Ǵúѹ֡ .. 1976)

Ѵ ٪
ŷͧ Ѵ ø 
Ѵ  Ѵ ø
Ѵ Ѵ ø ٻͧǹѴ ø º Թᴹиҳ ѧ÷˭ԧ ҡйҹҨͧǴ١ѹ
ҷѹ ҷ觹ҧ .. 1510 ҧԹժ դҧҹǴ ҧͺ٪Ҿ
Ѵ ǹѴ
Ѵ ǹѴ ҷѴ ҧѪ¢ͧѹ 2 .. 1650 1693 شʧҧطȶɳ෾ʹԹʹҾ
Ź ҷŹ
Ź ҷŹ 鹡ԴͧѡԷ 駻ҷԹؾѹһ ҧ͹Ѵ ֧ ҹ¹ ӹǹҡ ٻй³
ø ҷø
ø ҷø ҧ㹻վطȵɷ 18 Ѫ¢ͧҪѹ 7 .. 1720-1780 繪ǧҷҳҨѡâҳ觤ͧش
кѻ ͻ駢ͧҡ
кѻ ͻ駢ͧҡ кѻ Ż й觪ͻ駢ͧҡͧ֡ ҴҨ (PSA JA MARKET)
ҷҾ ҧ㹻»վطȵɷ 18 (.. 1729) Ѫ¢ͧҪѹ 7 ҷҾ ѴѴ㹾طʹ
ҡ٪ ʴ ǫ, ͺس ͡ع, ҡ͹ ¹ѹ, ͧ 꺵, , آҾ آº

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