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     ǧ͹áѡɡͧ件֧ ҴŹ觹ҡжѧ˭ 3,000 ͹ѧŧ ȴ¹ ͹è ӹ¡лԺѵԵ͹ѡɴ ж繹ѡɡͧ ֧͹حҵ仵Ҿתѡһ ѡѹ੾㹵͹ҧ׹ աҹ͸ԺաҪѳһ»¹ѡɡͧҡ ȴդ᷹ ѡɡ١ѧʹ Ҽѡ 觼ѡʹҡ ѡɡ᷺ͧءѺ 仡ҹ鹹ѡɡͧѧ١ࡳ价ӧҹ㹻§ ͡ 5 ֧ 6 ҹӤ ҧ 蹵 Ӷ
     աѹɰҹѹ ѹԧɢͧѡɡͧ ҧõѴԹӤءʹԵ ѺŴ͹͹оɵҧ ա§ͧ ҡժԵʹѺ Ҩ¹˹ѰŨ֧˵·Ҵ¡÷ӧҹ˹ѡ зѺ չ ʹҡ Ф鹪Եŧ˹͹ѡ ⪤շҹ ʶص ҹԸҡѺպԹҤҡ 觡͵ҺԹФԹԹ ·ش͹ĴҶ֧㹻 ..2487 ˹ѡ Ѻ蹡Ժ˹ѡ ҷ硹¡ͺѡ ͼҢҴ ҧҡѹ´ǹҡ֧ҵԾͧ ҤԹԹ ҩմԹԹ ͵ҺԹ ѹʺ§ش¡͹ͨشԹҧ㹪ǧĴ
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ɮҹ йҧǹ ѧѴɮҹ
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