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͹ӧ : "ᴹäͧ"
͹ӧ ҧҡ§ѹ зҧҳ 90 ҧ㹻 .. 2515 ѡɳ繷ҺӨ״Ҵ˭ ѡ纹ӹӧ ͹ӧ觹öԵ俿㹻ҳҡѺ㹹§ѹ ѧ;͡Ң·ҧ ҧ͹ӧͧ¾鹷任ҳ 250 ҧ ͹ӧй¡ШѴШ ͹ҧ纹ӷ зͺҹҤйٹͧ͢Ǻҹ͡ǵ觵ҧ ҧ纹Ӿ͹蹪ҵѹҧ纹
dzҹ˹÷ӻʴ Ѻҧ纹һا 駻 Һ е ԡѡͧҤҷ
ѡ : çᴹäӧ
Թᴹ觢ع¹ ȷ§Ѳиҵ ҡԶժԵʹյҧ 礧й仴ٷǹФѺ
ʶҹͧ ʶҹͧǻ §ѹ ѧ§ §ҧ ǧкҧ ҡ ӻѡ
ǧкҧ "ͧôš ͧѹʧ ͺ蹴Ե" ǧкҧͧǧ ʹյҪҹѵҤصҳҨѡҹҧ
ҡ ӻѡ ٻҽҡ鹷ҧ ҡ èӻѡ ҷԹѴ ӵ͹ ӵҴҹ ӵҴ 觪ͻͧҡ
Թ §ҧ 觷ͧǷӤѭͧͧ§ҧ ȨͧҪٻç˷ӴԹբҴ˭ҡ
ҷԹѴ ʹյҷԹѴ ʶҹѡԷ¸ҳ֧ 3 ´¡ѹ ҳҨѡਹ ҳҨѡâ شҳҨѡҹҧ 觵ҡͻ㹻Ѩغѹ
ѧ§ ѧ§ Թͧǔ ͧ仴¸ҵ ¹ӫͧ Ẻ鹺ѹ ҹͧҵҧ 觹ѡͧǵҧҵԵҧ¹ѹҷͧҧҴ
ӵ͹ ҹ⢧ ͧ ҧҡͧҡ ҳ 150 ӵ͹ҹ ҧ ҹ
˹ §ѹ ѧ§ §ҧ ǧкҧ
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ʧҹ ʧҹ

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ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
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ѹ 13 - 17 áҤ 2565
ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
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4 ҹԹҧءѹ
ǧкҧ ˹ͧ
LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
6 ҹԹҧءѹ
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