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շͧҪ .. 2112-2133
     ҸҪ ç繡ѵͧ 18 ç¢ͧҪǧ⢷·ҧҪԴ¢ͧҪǧؾóշҧҪô çժ§ҡ㹻ѵʵ繼ʶһҪǧ⢷ ˭ա˹зçѺ㹡ִاظ ͧ컡ͧظ㹰ҹͧ鹢ͧ 15 Ҫʢͧͧ й 繼ͺҾѺظ ǾͧçͧҪѵ 21
     ҸҪ 繢عҧѺҪҪ պôѡ عù෾ ҸҪ繡ѧӤѭ㹡ִӹҨѺҨѡþô Шҡդͺ鹷Ѻ觵ͧɳš ʡʡѺҪԴҢͧҨѡþô طԡѵ վиԴ 3 ͧӴѺ ؾó й о͡ҷö
      ;ҵͧ ʶһҤ˭㹾 ҵ秪ǵ¡ͧѾҵظ繤á ҧظöͧѹͧ ¾·(բͧҨѡþôʧ) мʧ㹪ǧöִҳҨѡõҧͧ ҳҨѡͭ˧Ǵ ҳҨѡ˭Ѱҹ §ͧ鹢ͧ㹻 .. 2099 (شͧҪǧͧ ҹԷԾŢͧҹҹ֧ 200 ) ҧǧкҧ١ءͧͧǧ§ѹ
     ʧ駷 2 (ҧҡá 14 ) ѡѹ㹹 ʧҧ͡ 駹鹺çͧͧ¡ͧѾҷҧ˹ ѧʹѺʹعҡ§ öִͧɳšШѺҸҪ ҸҪѹҡѺ çͧⵤ;й繵ǻСѹ(㹰ҹкصúحͧçͧѵ) çѺѾظ ͹ҾиҪѧͧѧظҴͷҧظҾҧѹԵáѺ ·ҨѡþôԷç觾ҪԴҤ;෾ѵ (繹ͧբͧиҪ) ʡʡѺɰҸҪ (ѵ) ҸҪҡӡâѴҧͧѾ觪ԧ෾ѵ
     ѧʧ駷 3 ظҡ絡㹰ҹӺҡ ɳšͧ˹ҴҹӤѭѹҡѺ ͤͷҧǡ ;ִظ 30 ԧҤ .. 2112 иҪҡѺʶһ繡ѵçҴѧ иҪҷçͧظ㹰ҹͧ鹢ͧҶ֧ 15 еͧ觾ҪԴҤ;ؾóš׹й .. 2114 ѧҪǧؾóաӹҨŧظ 鹢ͧҪǧ⢷

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ѹ 13 - 16 Ҥ 2565
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