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Ҫǧ : ؾó
շͧҪ : ..1991-2031
     кšҶ 繾蹴Թͧ 8 ͧҳҨѡظ ͧçͧҪҹҹش㹺ôҡѵظ 40 зçպҷӤѭ㹻ѵʵ㹰ҹмǺҳҨѡ⢷ѹ˹ѹǡѺظҡѺ÷çٻûͧͧظҴ¡õкѡԹСèѴкعҧ 2 ¤ Ҵ
     кšҶ çʢͧ վô˭ԧҡҪǧ⢷ ѧ鹾֧ͧ¢ͧظ(Ҫǧؾó) Ҫǧ⢷ ;иҪҷ 4 Ҫǧ⢷ʴä кšҶѧçç˹ Ъ§ 7 ١觢令ͧͧɳš (ٹҧûͧͧҳҨѡ⢷¹) ᷹ ;ҪԴä ͧ鹤ͧҪ繡ѵͧظ;Ъ 17
     㹡ҳҨѡ⢷ѹ˹ѹǡѺظҹ кšҶºͧҡվô˭ԧҡҪǧ⢷ ѧ鹨֧ҨվЭҵԾǧ鹷çͧ˹觢ͧ⢷ѹҡѺҳҨѡҹ (§) кšҶͧǧҡظɳš繡êǤǷöͧлͧѹҳҨѡ⢷¢
     кšҶҡѵçѷ蹤㹾оطʹ 㹪ǧçͧɳš ͧԹºǡѺʹẺѺͧ蹴Թ⢷¤͵ẺͧҸҪҷ 1 () ͧѺѺ¡ͧҡҪǧ⢷ 㹻 .. 2008 ͧç͡Ǫ 8 ͹ (¾иҪҷ 1) зçաúóп鹿Ѵ ѴҸҵ ѹ繷дɰҹ оطԹҪ ѹ繾оطٻӤѭشͧ˹ͧɳš зçաáҧҧ Ѵ ѹ繷зѺҧ͡Ǫ
     ¾кšҶ çաûٻûͧкҪ (Тعҧ) ҡ 繡ûͧѺҳҨѡ˭ ظ¹ҡûͧº繡ûͧѡɳͧ⢷ظҵ͹ ա觽¡ûͧ繷áѺ͹ յ˹觡 ͧ·е˹Ҵ ͧ¾͹ 繡С˹觢عҧ٧ش§ 4 ˹ (§ ѧ ѧ ) 6 ˹ 2 ˹հҹ٧ (ѤʹҺʹҺո)
      ҧá ҷ˹ҷͧҴҨ¤¡˹ҷѹҧѴਹ ˹ҷú çѹѺ͹ͧ͡ʧҧ㨡ѹ㹻Ѩغѹ ʹյ鹵ҧҧպҷ駴ҹ÷ôҹ͹дҹ աҡ·͹ѹ ҡҧѹ੾ 鹷 觡ûͧ Ǥ ͧ鹷ҧ͹ͧͧǧ ǹҴ»ͧ鹷ҧ͹˹ͧͧ͢ǧ ͡äҢͧظҡѺҧԭͧ Фѧ ˹ҷŷѾѵԢͧѵ պҺҷ˹ҷͧäФѹѺҧҵ С繡պҷ˹ҷ͹ѺҴ վ鹷ͧ½觷ûͧ
     ͡ҡШѴûͧѧ кšҶѧ͡ ҡҹкѡԹҢͧظ ¨зµѵԹ (ա¹ŧûͧաѪŷ 5) ӤѭͧçС ú ¡õ˹觹Ҿ͹ ¡õ˹觹ҷͧ 觵ѡáҹ˹ -عҧ-ʧ-ɮ (-) ء ѡԹҔ Шӵ ˹ФշԹӹǹ˹觵ҹ٧Ӣͧ ҡ 5-100,000
     ҡ¢ͧظҵá ͡ѹҷԹ繢ͧ蹴Թ Шзçء㹾ҪҳҨѡõҹТͧؤ ͡ѹ ѡԹҔ ¾кšҶ繡Ҵ¡÷Թ (ҡѵ׹ѹԷԤҢͧ öоҪҹִ׹䴡) ѡԹҔ ¾кšҶ ֧繡¡á˹鹷ҧ鹢ͧؤҡ Ǥ ѡԹҔ ͧ觺͡ҹѹ٧觵ҧѹ ˹Ӿѹҧؤ ˹ԶշҧԵз觡Թз觡觵 ҧҹ͹ ѡԹҔ ѧͧ㹡ûѺ() ŧɷҧա

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Ҫҹ ӡҹ ظ
ŷͧ ѧѴظ  

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