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     § 繻٧ѹҡ ¡͹ǺҹͧҷТ ͡ѹ繻ҷ֡ѺѺ͹ ѡСѺŧ §شó仴»ҴԺ ѵҹҹҪԴءҡ ժҵҧ ੾Ǣжҧŧͻ١繨ӹǹҡ ѹµͻ ѵ Ҿ ʹ֧Ǵҧҡ ֧ҴԹèѴû§繻ʧǹ觪ҵ зǧ Ѻ 537 (.. 2516) ͡ ҪѭѵԻʧǹ觪ҵ .. 2507 衮зǧѺ§Ǻлͧѹ੾ЪǺҹͧҹ ǹҡѧҡҧ͹ СͺѺҧѧҧç÷ٻẺҹѺա ҹѡ ͻ. ѹ 24 չҤ 2515 ҹѷ ѧѴ ѹ 5 ѹ¹ 2516 ֧˵ط㹺dz§Ƕ١Ѵѹҡҧŧա繷դٳ ÷ѡҾǴҧ ֧ѵ餧 繨еͧԹèѴûٻẺͧࢵѡҾѹѵ ¾...ʧǹФͧѵ .. 2503 躷ѡ㹡ôԹ 駹صԡ÷ ǶҧСѡͺѵ ֧÷Ǵҧ ŧ索Ҵԧ ѧ ֧Ѵ˹ҷҴԹǨͻСࢵѡҾѹѵ ͻ .. 2519 Ѵ ˹ҷһԺѵԧҹШࢵ » .. еҡСࢵѡҾѹѵ§ ѧѴ§ ŧҪԨҹມҩѺ ˹ 19-21 95 ͹ 87 ѹ 24 ԧҤ 2521 ͺ鹷Һҧǹ㹷ͧӺ§ Ӻ Ӻͧͧ Ӻͧ § кҧǹ㹷ͧӺͧ˧ §˧ ѧѴ§ ͷҳ 521 ҧ ͻҳ 325,625 ҳࢵͺѧ
   ˹ ô ...-§˧
    ô ͡
   ȵѹ͡ ôç (.7) зӡԹͧɮҹ ҹ˹ͧ ҹҡͧ ԧҴ¹ҧ ԧҴǧ-§ ҹҧ ҹ ʺ
   ȵѹ ô ʺ-ӹᵧ ºӹ ᵧ觫 (ѹ˹ҵ) ôӡԹɮҹѹѡ ҹ-ͧͧ ҹǧͧͧ ҹҧºҹ ҹѧ ҹҧԹ ҹҧ˹ͧ ʺ͡-ӹᵧ
     ԻȢͧ§ǻСͺ仴»͡٧ѹѺѺ͹ ʹҷ٧ش ʹǧ§ ٧ҡдѺӷŻҹҧҳ 2,275 Ѻʹ٧繷ͧ (ʹ٧شͧȤ ʹԹ ͨͧ ѧѴ§ ͧŧҤ ʹҧҧ ͽҧ- ѧѴ§) ʹǧ§ ѡ͡ʹ ʶҾ Թٹ ֧Сͺ仴غç ն˭§ § ͡˭ Ӥѭ ͡ҡǧ§ ʹ¹ҧ ¹ҧ ¼ᴧ ѹҧ ¡ » ѹ ҾҺʹҨ繻ҴԺлອó ѹ繵鹹Ӹ ·Ӥѭ ҷ Ф͹ ״ չ§ʹ ŧӻԧҧҹȵѹ͡ ͧ ˭ ºҹҧ ¢ ӹͧ Թ ͡ ŧӹᵧ ǹ˭شŧӻԧҹȵѹ
     ͧҡԻȻСͺ͡٧ѹѺѺ͹Ҥ˹ ٧ ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ 2,000 ੾ʹǧ§Ƿ͡ʹ ֧ҾԹҡ˹ѡɳФ¡ͧ˹ ҡ· 仨˹繵ʹĴ˹Ĵٽ դҡ ҧѹҡȨФ͹ҧ͹ Ъǧҧ׹˹ҧҡ
     § ѡɳзСͺ仴»ҴԺ鹼ҴԺ ҴԺ ອó ʹ ѧ٧ ອóԧ ҧǹ٧ѹ繾ǡ 칵ҧ » ҹعҡªԴ ǹŧ任Сͺ»誹Դҧ ҷ ˡ ҧ ˹ 躧 ѹӤѭҧɰԨ ʹͧ ʹ ѡ ѧ §ǧ ԧѹ д ᴧ ͪԴҧ кҡ ạ ҹ ǧ з͹ 俻 С͡ ǻ лͪԴҧ

     ˵ط§ѡɳԻ͡٧ѺѺ͹ Сͺغçҡ Ӹ˭·Ǽ׹ҷ駫աѹЫաѹͧ͡鹷 Ҿ͡ѡɳ ѹǹ˭繾ѹ١âͧѵҹҹҪԴ ֧ѵҷҡ٭ѹ ҷ ҧ § ѵҷ§١¹͡ҡҧ § ѵҷҡ ٭ѹ ѧСͺ ҧ Ш ٻ ԧԴҧ й ԧ ͻ ǻ Ǵ 繸 ἧѹҧ դ բ е» ͡Դҧ ҡ͡ ҧ ҧªԴ ˹ٵҧ ǹѵ ѵաӾǡСͺ ªԴ ͡ ᡧ ѧ عἹ ͡ д ǢҹªԴ Ҥ ҧࢹ ᫧ ʹ ǹѵһ ѵ¤ҹ Сͺ ͧ СǴ Ź 駡ҪԴҧ ٨ҧ ԧ ǹѵԹԹСͺ¨Ӿǡҧ ´ҧ ҧ ҧ ѵӾǡһСͺ ҫ֡ ҵ¹ ҡ Ҵء 駻ҷл ѨغѹͧҡҾҶ١ҡ 觹Ŵŧ źµҵԶ١úǹ СͺѺ㹾鹷ѧժѧöԹ;¾͡ ѵҵҧ ֧ըӹǹŴŧ оź͹Ƿ龺ҡҡ ѵ ѵաӾǡͨо

ǧ§ ʹҷ٧繷ͧ ҧҹ ѹͧҴ§ ҧҡҡ§ǻҳ 5 . ʹդⴴ ٧ʧҡʹ١ Ǫʹ öͧ蹪Ѵҡҧ ö¹觼ҹǵҴͧ§
     ҡѧѴ§鹷ҧö¹§ зҧҳ 72 . ö¹Шӷҧö¹ѺҧͧǢҴ觵ʹ ШҡǵҴ§鹷ҧö¹֧ӡࢵ зҧҳ 6 . ö¹ѺҧͧǢҴѺҧʹѹ蹡ѹ

     ӹ¤дǡࢵѡҾѹѵ§ǨѴԡä ѡҹ ˹ҷШӹѡҹࢵ лШӵ˹§ҹµҧ ͧࢵ ͹Ѻ ͡ҡеͧԹҧ仵鹷ҧ边ѡҹ˹ҷкͤʹ·ҧ ࢵѡҾѹѵҾШѴ˹ҷ边ѡҹԷѡйӷҧʹ鹷ҧ Ѻѡ-ҧࢵ Ѵ㹨ӹǹҡѡ觵ͧ͹حҵҡ͸Ժա лԺѵԵºҹѡͧҧ觤Ѵ

      ..12 § ѧѴ§ 50170

§ ѧѴ§ ç§ ¹Ӵѧ Թ ҧҧ
෾ ླʧ ػҵǹ Ӥҹþԧ
ѵԤٺԪ : ѡحҹ
෾ иҵش෾ : иҵػШӻԴ 
ǹѵ§ Ᾱ
§ : ҹ
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