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طҹ觪ҵԴ§ §

     طҹ觪ҵԴ§ طҹ觪ҵҧûС վ鹷ҳ 583 ҳ 364,375 ͺ鹷ʧǹ觪ҵԻҧ ͧӺմ Ӻź »ҡ ͧӺ Ӻ ͽҧ ѧѴ§ лʧǹ觪ҵԻǽ觫 ͧӺŻᴴ Ӻն Ӻŷҡ ѧѴ§
   طҹ觪ҵԴ§ ѡɳԻ͡ѺѺ͹ ͡ҧǷ˹ ࢵѧѴ§ § ʹ٧ش § դ٧ 1,834 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ 鹷ǹ˭繻ҵ鹹Ӹ觡Դͧ˭ Ӥѭ ੾繵鹡Դͧӽҧ Ң˹觢ͧ ҧǧ ҧ ҧ
   Ҿҡ ͧطҹ觪ҵԴ§ ·任Сͺ 3 Ĵ Ĵٽ ҧǧ͹ Ҥ-Ҥ ¨ս˹ѡ㹪ǧ͹ ѹ¹ Ĵ˹ ҧ͹Ȩԡ¹-Ҿѹ 繪ǧҡʺѺԹҧҷͧ Ĵ͹ ҧ͹չҤ-¹ 觨繪ǧҡȤ͹ҧ͹ ֧е͡Թҷͧ
   ҾһСͺ ҴԺ ҴԺ ʹ ѧлອó 觻ЪԴ ҹШѴШ ࢵطҹϵдѺ٧ͧ鹷 ѹӤѭ ѡ ҧ д ӻջ ʹͧ ͪԴҧ 繵
   ͧҡҾҷشó Т鹼лѹªԴ ʹдѺ٧ͧ鹷ᵡҧѹ 300-1,834 ֧Դ繷¢ͧѵҹҹҪԴ Сͺ ٻ § е» ԧ ͡ йҹҪԴ ҧࢹ 繵
شǴ§ ͧҵ Ĵ˹ҡ˹͡㹵͹ 繤 ҧҡ˹¾Էѡطҹ觪ҵԴ§ Ǽ. 1 (ǽ) ҳ 30
ӵ§ 繹ӵҴҧ դ٧ҳ 18 Դҡźҧҡӡûҳ 8
ӵҫѺ dzҷҧȵѹͧҹ 繹ӵҴҧ ŵʹ
ӵҧǧ 繹ӵҴҧ դ٧ҳ 10 ҧҡ˹¾Էѡ طҹ觪ҵԷ Ǽ. 1 (ǽ) ҳ 10 չŵʹ ö蹹ҧʹ
ӵ·¢ 繹ӵҴ Դҡ·¢ 3 ˹͹Өҧӡطҹϻҳ 300
ӵˡ dzҷҧͧҹ .ն . 鹹ӵҴ չŵʹ駻
   պҹѡҧ÷طҹ ҹҧ鹷ԡùѡͧ
   ö¹ طҹ觪ҵԴ§ ԹҧҡѧѴ§ҧǧŢ 107 价ҧ .»ҡ ֧ . 125 ҹ Ǣ仵ҧա 10 . ж֧ӡطҹ觪ҵԴ§
   طҹ觪ҵԴ§ . 14 .»ҡ .»ҡ .§ 50320

§ ѧѴ§ ç§ ¹Ӵѧ Թ ҧҧ
෾ ླʧ ػҵǹ Ӥҹþԧ
ѵԤٺԪ : ѡحҹ
෾ иҵش෾ : иҵػШӻԴ 
ǹѵ§ Ᾱ
§ : ҹ
иҵبͧ : иҵػШӻԴ  

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ǧкҧ ˹ͧ LAO-4: ö俤٧ ǧкҧ ˹ͧ Ҫѧǧ ѧ§ §ѹ (4 ѹ)
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ѹ 13 - 17 Ҥ 2565
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ѹ 30 Ҥ - 6 Ȩԡ¹
ѹ 4 - 11 ѹҤ 2565
ᤪ INDIA-761 : ᤪ ͧͷҺ չҤ ⫹ (TG)
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