ѷ ¹
طҹ觪ҵ §

   طҹ觪ҵ վ鹷ҧͧԨٴ 18 ͧ 07 Ի ֧ 18 ͧ 29 Ի ˹ еԨٴ 98 ͧ 8.5 Ի ֧ 98 ͧ 24 Իҵѹ͡ ͷҳ 990 ҧ ͻҳ 618,750 ࢵʧǹ觪ҵԻ ʹ лʧǹ觪ҵԻ ѧѴ§ ӡطҹ觪ҵ ˹¾Ѳҵ鹹ӷ 6 () 㹷ͧҹ 9 (¡ҹҨҡҹ 1) Ӻź ʹ ѧѴ§
   ·٧ѹѺѺ͹ ʹǵ˹- ǡѺ͡ Թ դ٧ 400-1,699 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ ¨դѺѺ͹Ҵѹҡ价ҧ˹ Ǥ ҧդѺѺ͹¡ФҴѹ ¹¡ »ҳ 15-20% ǹҧ˹ͧ͢鹷դҴѹҡ仵ӴѺҳ 20-48% դ٧»ҳ 1,000 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ ʹҷ٧ش ʹ¡ 㹷ͧҹҧԹ ӺŻҧԹ դ٧ 1,699 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ ǹӡطҹ觪ҵ ٧ҳ 1,200 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ
   ѡɳҡ· 3 Ĵ
   Ĵٽ ҧ͹Ҥ-ѹ¹ س٧ش 25 ͧ еش 10 ͧ
   Ĵ˹ ҧ͹Ҥ-Ҿѹ س٧ش 20 ͧ еش 4 ͧ
   Ĵ͹ ҧ͹չҤ-¹ س٧ش 30 ͧ еش 12 ͧ
   س·駻 ٧شҳ 27 ͧ еشҳ 8 ͧ ҳӽ·駻 1,030 /
   ҴԺ ѹӤѭ¹ͧҧ ӻջ ǧ Ф չ ҧСͺ Фҹҡ ٴԹ ͵ СЪ»
   ҴԺ ѹӤѭ ͹ ͵ ѡ˭ ӻһ ҧСͺ ˭Ҥҧ л ҧǴԹ Һ 繵
   ອó ѹӤѭ ѡ ᴧ д ạ ¹˹ ҧ ҧСͺ¾ǡ˭
   ʹлѧ ·ǹ˭㹾鹷ʹ 繻ʹ 鹻лѺѧ ѹӤѭ ʹ ʹ ѡ˭ ѧ § ǧ ҧСͺ ˭ ⨴ ˭
   ѵ§١¹ Сͺ зԧ ҧ § й ԧ ҧ е ٻ Ъҧ ѡ;¾ҡԹѧࢵѡҾѹѵѺѺл
   ѵա Сͺ ٧ ҪԴҧ عͧ عἹ Ǣҹ
   ѵ¤ҹ Сͺ§ СǴ оҺ
   ѵ觺觹 Сͺ Դҧ ´ ҧ
   Ԩͧ 鹷ҧºҹԧ-ʺ-ʺ¡ͧ Թҧö¹Ѻ͹ 4 仵鹷ҧºҹԧ-ҹôǪӵԹҧö¹仨֧ҹô ö¹Ѻͷӡطҹ觪ҵ оѡҧӵ ҡԹҧ仪ǧ Թ͡Թٻç Թҳ ͺ ԹԹͧ͡٤ٻѡɳšҴ§ҡ դҧ㹶繨ӹǹҡ ҡԹҧͧӹǪҵԢͧҾອóѺѺҾѧ dzͧͧӵѡɳФµ鹡к͡ྪâ ӹ硵ʹӹ仨֧ʺ 繨شӹҺèѺӹ ͨҡԹҧͧӹǪҾອóó
شǴ ش觹繷зѺͧкҷ稾 ͤʴⶻҳ .. 2523 鹷ҧ㹡Թҧ ҧǧ蹴ԹŢ 108 ҡʹ§ ֧ . 54 ҹͧ ¡仵ҧǧ蹴ԹŢ 1270 ֧ҹ зҧ 16 . ¡ա 500 ж֧ӡطҹ觪ҵ 繨شǷöͧ繷Ƿȹͧ͡仨֧ʹԹ
ӵͺ 鹷ҧǡѺ鹷ҧ仨ش ҧҡӡطҹ觪ҵ 仨֧ҹͺ зҧҳ 6 鹷ҧ¡ҡҹͺաҳ 3 ֧شʹö Թաҳ 1 չӵդҧҳ 10-12 չѡͧĴ駾
ӵԴ 鹷ҧŢ 108 ʹ-§ 仨֧ѡ÷ 63 ¡仵鹷ҧҹǧ зҧҳ 12 ֧ҹǧԹҨҡҹ աҳ 500 չӵդҧҳ 8-10 դ٧ҳ 12-15 繹ӵդ§ҡ Ĵ駨չѡͧǷ駪еҧӹǹҡ ɮ㹷ͧҡ÷ӷѡѡͧҹ
鹷ҧºҹҹ-ʺ-ʺ¡ͧ 鹷ҧѺ÷ͧѡɳСͧιԪԵ觵ҧ ӹ ͧᾨҡشǨͺҹ ˹¾Էѡطҹ觪ҵ (˹ѡԹ) ҹʺҹ 觤 觷 觤 ǧ ͺ Ҵ§ ѧ͡ ҹʺͧͧҵԢͧ˹Ҽ Ҿͧӹ ҹʺشԹҧͧ¡ͧ зҧҳ 25 һҳ 11-12 ԨúԡС ѡͧǷʹöԴ͢ҧҡǹ طҹ觪ҵͺǧ Тͧ͡ ͧ鹷ҧеͧѺ͹حҵҡطҹ觪ҵⶡ͹
ͧӹ ҡ鹷ҧŢ 108 ʹ-§ ¡ҷҧǧ蹴Թ Ţ 1088 鹷ҧ֧ҹҺҧԹ Թҧ仨֧˹¾Էѡطҹ觪ҵ (ѡԹ) зҧҳ 6 繨ش鹡ͧ仵ӹ 仢鹽觷ҹͧ ӺŷҼ ѧѴ§
   ѧպҹѡ ҹҧ鹷ӹ¤дǡ
   ö¹ ҡͧ§ Թҧ仵ҧǧŢ 102 (§-ʹ) зҧ 89 ֧ʹ 仵ҧǧŢ 108 (ʹ-§) ҹӡطҹ觪ҵ ͺǧ зҧ 54 ö֧ҹͧ Թҧ¡仵ҧǧŢ 1270 (ºҹͧ-ҹ) зҧ 16 ж֧ҧ¡ҷӡطҹ觪ҵ 觵ҧҡҧ¡ҳ 500
   ٹطҹ觪ҵҤ˹ ӹѡҹࢵ§ ԭ .ͧ .§ 50000

§ ѧѴ§ ç§ ¹Ӵѧ Թ ҧҧ
෾ ླʧ ػҵǹ Ӥҹþԧ
ѵԤٺԪ : ѡحҹ
෾ иҵش෾ : иҵػШӻԴ 
ǹѵ§ Ᾱ
§ : ҹ
иҵبͧ : иҵػШӻԴ  

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